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Abkürzung: COM:LP

WikiCommons soll a ville Sprooche benotzt kënne ginn, waat doropper erausleeft, datt mer en eenheetleche Consensus fanne mussen, wéi een dann elo konkret mat de verschiddene Sproochen ëmgoë soll, a waat alles a wéienger Sprooch soll hei stoen.

  • Descriptions at galleries, categories, and file description pages can be in any language and should be added in multiple languages. The use of language templates is encouraged to reduce the amount of unnecessary information and visual clutter.
  • Gallery names should generally be in the local language. See Commons:Galleries for the exact policy.
  • Category names should generally be in English, excepting some of proper names, biological taxa and terms which don't have an exact English equivalent. See Commons:Categories for the exact policy.
  • Creator names should be in the form most commonly found in English literature.
  • Files can be named in any language. The name of the file should be descriptive. (also see Commons:File naming/lb)
  • Templates can be made in any language. When the text of a template is available in multiple languages, the English version is the authoritative version on which other language versions of the template should be based.
  • Policies and guidelines are written in English and translated to other languages. The English version of the policy or guideline is the authoritative version on which other language versions are based.


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