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Stránky, galerie a kategorie obecně

Technická poznámka: tato sekce se vztahuje k veškerému obsahu na Commons kromě obsahu ve jmenných prostorech "File:" a "User:".

The purpose of pages, galleries and categories is to support Commons' aims. Any page/gallery/category that does not fulfill that purpose is out of scope. Galleries and categories having no media file content are generally considered out of scope unless there is a particular reason for retaining them (e.g. a useful redirect).

Přípustný obsah stránek/galerií/kategorií

Přípustný obsah zahrnuje:

  • Educationally useful, classified collections of images or other files, along with small amounts of explanatory text.
  • Operational pages, such as templates and the like, including Commons-operational program listings.

Nepřípustný obsah stránek/galerií/kategorií

Nepřípustný obsah zahrnuje:

  • Content that does not advance Commons' aims, including advertising, self-promotion, and anything apparently created and/or uploaded for the purpose of vandalism or attack.

Uživatelské stránky, galerie a kategorie

Technical note: this section relates to pages within the User: namespace, in other words to pages having a name which starts "User:", and also to user categories.

Přípustný obsah uživatelských stránek/galerií/kategorií

User pages are generally reserved for personal profiles and information relevant to the user's contributions to Commons. All text must be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license and GNU Free Documentation Licence.

Personal galleries/categories are allowed provided the individual files are within scope, as described above. The project scope includes some images that are not educationally useful, including e.g. a photo of the Commons' user.

Script and skin pages such as Special:Mypage/common.js are permitted. See also an official guideline about user-specific galleries, templates and categories (COM:USER).

Nepřípustný obsah uživatelských stránek/galerií/kategorií

Nepřípustný obsah zahrnuje:

  • Private image or other file collections of no wider educational value.
  • Content that does not advance Commons' aims, including advertising or excessive linking to external domains and anything apparently created and/or uploaded for the purpose of vandalism or attack. Blatant self-promotion is prohibited, but regular Commons contributors are allowed a certain amount of leeway and discreet links to relevant web pages elsewhere are normally permitted.